For the past 6 years, the Florida Chapters have coordinated with DRJ to offer our Chapter members and potential members a unique opportunity to see what the ACP has to offer in the form of a post-DRJ conference meeting on a relevant topic. This is in large part made possible by Bob Arnold and DRJ. Bob covers the expenses associated with the post conference meeting room accommodations.


DRJ Spring World is the largest gathering of professionals in the industry with over 1,000 in attendance this year, so this is a huge opportunity to provide a networking forum, and educational opportunities to the membership. Bob Arnold went out of his way to promote the post-conference ACP meeting to the DRJ attendees, and donated the meeting space as well as $1,000 towards expenses associated with the meeting. Over 50 ACP members were in attendance at this post-conference meeting from a variety of Chapters around the country.


Our speaker this year was Jim Satterfield, President of Firestorm Solutions from Atlanta, who delivered a presentation titled, "Workplace Violence: Stop The Madness". Jim talked for an hour and forty-five minutes, and provided
a number of fascinating examples of how businesses could develop an internal Intelligence Network to monitor threats and communicate their concerns to the appropriate people before the situation escalates into violence.

The presentation was outstanding and everyone that we talked to came out with a new appreciation for not only recovery from an Active Shooter event, but ways to prevent the event from happening. As a surprise he also gave all ACP members a copy of his book "Disaster Ready People for a Disaster Ready America". The event was a complete success!