It is with great pleasure that we announce a new addition to the ACP-South Texas News Letter and meeting agenda: Member Spotlight.

This special feature showcases ACP’s most valuable asset – our members – by highlighting your varied backgrounds, industry segments, experience and geographic locations. Spotlighting members from across the spectrum, Member Spotlight reflects the rich tapestry of our membership and profiles active volunteer members, seasoned professionals, and students and young Professionals just entering the industry.

All participants in Member Spotlight are recommended for inclusion by other ACP members. If you would like to be featured in this section, or would like to suggest a fellow member to profile, please fill out the Membership Questionnaire (below) and return it as an attachment to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ACP Member Spotlight Questionnaire

Membership is open to professionals and individuals interested in the field of contingency planning, business continuity and emergency management, and other similar disciplines. To further enhance the industry, all members adhere to the ACP Code of Ethics. Also, all members in good standing have voting rights on issues affecting the ACP.

One frequent inquiry (FAQs) involves membership dues. The cost of chapter membership usually comprises corporate and local dues combined, and is assessed annually by the ACP Corporate. All ACP chapters establish their own local chapter dues. Differences in dues structures typically represent variations in local economies, costs associated with providing direct member services and benefits, and member preferences. However, for any individual without convenient access to the nearest chapter— an unaffiliated ACP general membership is available for $75 annually (United States applicants, includes territories) or $100 annually (international applicants). The cost for the South Texas ACP chapter is $125 annually.

If you are considering an ACP membership, there is no better investment or greater return. One of many reasons members cite for joining or renewing a membership is the hands-on approach towards “Setting the Trend” that occurs at the local and national levels. This unique feature makes the ACP a premier organization as compared to others. ACP members associate and participate in their local chapter’s activities enjoy the following benefits:

  • Programs - Attend monthly chapter meetings and events with high quality professional presentations.
  • Education - Continuing Education Credits granted through attendance at ACP Chapter meetings, training seminars, sponsored events, and conferences. Numerous varied quality educational opportunities, industry recognized conferences and symposiums at discounted member prices.
  • Networking - Opportunity to network with professionals and SMEs in the public and private sector, acquire knowledge, exchange ideas, and gain experience via chapters and the Corporate ACP Mentor Program.
  • Resources - Receive periodic e-news from the Association and the chapter, with business reports, planned activities, industrial events, training and education listings, and member discount information.

The ACP would like very much for you to become a member. Joining is easy. Simply click the Membership Application to fill out the membership instructions listed on the national site.


What are some of the benefits of joining ACP?

Membership in ACP offers several benefits, including:

  • Regular chapter meetings with professional presentations by experts on subjects selected by members,
  • Personal networking with other local ACP members,
  • Knowledge you can use to protect your family in the event of a disaster,
  • National networking with ACP subject matter experts in various emergency and contingency planning specialties,
  • Continuing Education Units granted through attendance at ACP Chapter meetings, training seminars and conferences,
  • ACP resources to help identify and transfer technologies useful in contingency planning,
  • Quarterly Association ACP E-newsletter,
  • Major discounts on annual ACP International Symposiums, and
  • Recognition as a member of a professional, international organization.

What are the membership requirements?

Membership in the Association of Contingency Planners is open to anyone interested in contingency planning. Our members are primarily drawn from business and government organizations. Any number of individuals belonging to an organization is eligible for ACP membership. Members are accorded voting privileges in ACP affairs.

To ensure a high degree of professionalism, members are required to sign the ACP Code of Ethics and agree to be bound by its provisions.

What is ACP’s primary objective?

ACP hopes to foster continued professional growth and development in effective contingency and business resumption planning.

How does ACP relate to other disaster and emergency organizations?

ACP has formal partnerships with other organizations such as: American Red Cross, Association of State Flood Plain Managers, Central US Earthquake Consortium, Department of Justice, Electric Power Research Institute, Institute for Business and Home Safety, National Conference of State Legislatures, National Emergency Managers Association, and National Institute for Urban Research and Rescue.

ACP also works closely with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on Project Impact, the Department of Energy, the US Geological Survey, and the International City and County Managers Association.

How large is ACP, and how long has it been around?

ACP currently has 44 chapters and more than 2000 members worldwide. It was formally organized as a non-profit organization in 1984. Presently the local South Texas chapter of ACP in Houston has 66 dues paying members.

How can I join ACP?

You may join as a Chapter Member of the ACP South Texas Chapter or as an Unaffiliated General Member if you are located 50 or more miles from an ACP chapter. The ACP currently has more than 80 such members.