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Position Title: Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Administrator
Employer: Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc.
Position Location: Houston, TX
Recruiter Contact Information: Rebekah Smith This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Link: https://www.goempyrean.com/about-us/careers/?p=job%2FogUh6fwh

Company Information:

Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc. is an emerging leader in providing highly customized health and welfare solutions to US employers. Our industry respected senior management team have created and managed benefits administration platforms for many of the industry’s leading providers and have developed Empyrean Benefit Solutions into one of the fastest growing companies in the country. We are looking for uniquely talented people to help deliver the most effective HR outsourcing solutions in the industry.

Job Functions:

The BC/DR Administrator is accountable for assisting in the development of business continuity/disaster recovery plans; establishing, maintaining and implementing related policies and procedures; analyzing and modifying plans as needed; overseeing external vendors of disaster recovery services; developing and implementing disaster recovery communications/training; and for acting as lead coordinator during an emergency situation.


• Working with Infrastructure Services, Client Operations, Facilities Services and additional internal/external resources, develops and modifies business continuity/ disaster recovery strategies/plans to ensure the highest level of disaster recovery protection possible.  Also, acts as primary facilitator, coordinator and communicator of cross functional teams in the development of the business continuity/disaster recovery plans.
• Assists in establishing policies, maintains and implements policies and procedures to ensure effective disaster recovery plans.
• Analyzes, tests and evaluates all aspects of the business continuity/disaster recovery plans to identify potential areas where existing plans (including policies and procedures) requires change or where new ones need to be developed.
• Oversee vendors of disaster recovery services, facilities, studies and recommends outside services to use as needed.
• Ensures communications, training and educational programs related to the disaster recovery plans are successfully developed and implemented.
• Acts as lead coordinator during an emergency situation to ensure successful implementation of the business continuity/disaster recovery plans and to develop alternate operating strategies as needed.

Education & Experience:

A Bachelor’s Degree, in Computer Science, related degree or equivalent combination of education/experience.
Five plus years of business continuity/disaster recovery/business resumption planning, implementation, and coordination required.

Skills & Certifications:

• Thorough knowledge of business continuity, contingency planning and disaster recovery principles.
• Thorough knowledge of computer and networking principles.
• Strong analytical and problem solving/decision making skills.
• Strong organizational and project management skills.
• Strong attention to detail skills.
• Demonstrated ability to work in teams with a collaborative interpersonal style.
• Proven ability to work under stress in emergencies; flexibility to handle pressure coming from all directions simultaneously.
• Good verbal and written communications skills with the ability to effectively document procedures and develop and conduct training.
• Ability to work weekends and after business hours.
• Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) or other related certification desired, but not required.

One person can make a difference. If you desire responsibility and an opportunity to succeed in a team oriented environment Empyrean Benefit Solutions is the place to be.

Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.



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Other Resources


Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII)

  • CBCP - Business Continuity (2+ years)
  • ABCP - Business Continuity (<2 years)
  • CFCP - Functional SME
  • CBCV - Industry Resilience

Business Resilience Certification Corsortium International (BRCCI)

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Certificate Program

Emergency Management Certificate - Florida International University

International Hurricane Research Center

Florida International University and the International Hurricane Center now offer a Certificate Program in Emergency Management and Hazard Mitigation that consist of 5 separate two-day seminars. Individual seminars are offered about every other week so that the program can be completed in 90 days.

Disaster Management (DM) Diploma - University of Wisconsin, Madison

Disaster Management Center

The Disaster Management Center at the University of Wisconsin Madison's goal is to help improve the emergency management performance of non-governmental organizations, local and national governments, and international organizations, through a comprehensive professional development program in disaster management. Distance learning is the principal approach for this international program.

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Local or Online Degree Programs

Business Continuity, Security and Risk Management (Master of Science) - Boston University

  • BCP
  • Security
  • Risk Management

Concentration in Cybercrime Investigation & Cybersecurity (Master of Criminal Justice) - Boston University

  • Cybersecurity
  • Cybercrime

Computer Information Systems (Master of Science) - Boston University

  • Computer application systems
  • Information security
  • Risk management

Risk Management (MBA) - Walden University

Crisis Management and Business Continuity (Short Certificate Program) - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • BCP
  • DRP
  • Crisis management

Emergency Management and Business Continuity (Applied Science T-Degree Program) - Edmonds Community College

  • Emergency management
  • Hazard response
  • DRP
  • Business continuity
  • Health and safety

Security and Strategic Intelligence, Business Continuity Track (Bachelor of Science) - Saint Louis University

  • Security
  • BCP

Emergency Management & Business Continuity/EMBC (Associate of Arts/Bachelor of Arts) - Metropolitan College of New York

  • Emergency management
  • BCP

Information, Risk and Operations Management (MBA) - University of Texas at Austin

  • Business analytics
  • Information management
  • Supply chain and operations management

Homeland Security (Master of Arts) - Northeastern University

  • Security
  • Emergency management
  • Risk management
  • Threat mitigation

Security Management with a Critical Response Certificate (Bachelor of Science) - University of Phoenix

  • BCP
  • Corporate security
  • Incident response
  • Personnel management

Security Management with Asset Prevention/Loss Prevention Certificate (Associate of Arts) - University of Phoenix

  • Corporate security
  • Enterprise risk mitigation
  • Security technology
  • Workplace safety

Continuity Management (Graduate Level Certificate) - Drexel University

  • Crisis management
  • Risk management
  • Emergency management
  • Disaster recovery

Emergency Management and Continuity Planning (Graduate Level Certificate) - University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Continuity planning
  • Crisis management
  • Risk management
  • Hazard vulnerability analysis
  • Information systems
  • Strategic planning

Business Continuity and Risk Management (Advanced Certificate Program) - Iona College

  • Risk management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business resilience practicum

Emergency Management and Homeland Security (Master of Arts) - Arizona State University

  • Community resilience and recovery
  • Integrated emergency management
  • Interoperability for emergency managers
  • Public management