Hurricane Irma Debrief/Lessons Learned Materials - October 2017 Program

Irma Debrief Questionnaire Results

Lessons Learned Discussion Notes

Elliot Consulting Podcast: "Business Resiliency in the Face of the Modern Hurricane"

Elliot Consulting podcast: "Ten Lessons Learned from Hurricane Irma”


Active Shooter Workshop Materials - July 2017 Program

Active Shooter Preparedness Videos

Active Shooter Preparedness Plan Worksheets

Active Shooter Workshop Slides (GTBACP) 7-26-2017

Connect Plan Train Report Final

Hometown Security Fact Sheet

San Bernardino Critical Incident Review Final



Useful Links

American Red Cross Safe and Well Program

Florida Virtual Business Emergency Operations Center



Guidance for Developing a Fuel Contingency Plan

Ultimate Security: All About Homeland Security - Thanks to Jerry & Ms. Huber's class for this great article!

Business Continuity Planning Suite Download Instructions

Non-Federal Continuity Plan Template and Instructions


Tampa General Hospital - Erin Skiba - September 2017 

Florida Virtual Business EOC - Beverly Byert - August 2017

Corporate Safety Plans - Ed Maurer April 2017

Leadership in Times of Crisis - Regina Phelps Post DRJ Presentation March 2017 

Storm Safety Plan Presentation - Phil McGee - May 2016

Social Media Crisis Management Plan Presentation - Victoria Edwards - March 2016

Post-DRJ Presentation - Jim Satterfield - March 2016

NWS Tropical Weather Products Presentation - February 2016

Tampa International Airport - Emergency Preparedness - August 2015

Disaster Recovery from an Insurance Perspective - Jim Carter - June 2015

Crisis Management - Bruce Wingert -April 2015

The Office Fire Drill Video (Crisis Management) - Bruce Wingert - April 2015

The Colbert Report of the Waffle House Index - Mitch Skandalakis - March 2015

Pinellas EOC Overview - February 2015

Using Social Media in a Disaster - Victoria Edwards - January 2015

III - Florida Insurance Market Update - March 2014

Mitigation as a Precursor to Recovery - IBHS

National Weather Service - Building a Weather-Ready Nation

IBHS Presentation - 05-30-2012

IBM Global Business Resilience

Public-Private Collaboration: Gaining Ground

Transamerica Emergency Exercise September 2011

Transamerica Building Fire Video

Selection, Staffing, and Organizational Structures for Managing Incidents - Paul Latham, FPEM, CHS

Media Relations - Capt. Bill Wade (ret.)

Adam "The Disaster Guy" Montella - EM-101

Brian Zawada - High Performance Crisis/Incident Management

Active Shooter - How to Respond

Business Continuity/Preparedness Planning – What's Important

Business Continuity Planning from a Healthcare CIO's Persepctive

Victoria Edwards - Social Media: Communication for a Crisis

Impact of Storm Surge on Tampa Bay - Dr. Weisberg

Animation 1

Animation 2

Animation 3

NGO Roles in Disaster - United Way of Tampa Bay

Volunteer Opportunities

DHS/FDLE - Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources

Business Safe Presentation

Building Public-Private Partnerships For a Stronger Community

Additional Links

DHS Critical Infrastructure Protection

Florida Business Safe

Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)-Domestic Security


National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP)

National Response Framework (NRF)



Publix - Storm Basics

The Tampa Bay Catastrophic Plan

Project Phoenix Scenario Information

Project Phoenix Scenario Video

Presentation to GTB ACP - January 27, 2010

Public & Private Insurance: Settling Claims After a Disaster

Manage and Safeguard Your BC Career - Cheyene Haase - BC Management, Inc.

AEGON - Crisis Management Exercise

Holland & Knight - HR Hurricane Readiness Presentation

CSX Railroad - Hazardous Materials

Florida Hospital - Pandemic Planning

National Weather Service - Hurricane Roadshow

National Weather Service - Video 1

National Weather Service - Video 2

National Weather Service - Video 3

National Weather Service - Video 4

Al Berman, DRI International - Regulating Business Continuity

Donald Schmidt, CEO, Preparedness, LLC - Examining the Regulatory Landscape

Pinellas County EOC Overview

Herding Cats Video


Tampa Bay All Hazards Guide for Businesses 2015

Florida Division of Disease Control & Health Protection Measles Update Feb 2015

Measles Awareness and Mitigation

Disaster Recovery Journal

Disaster Resource Guide

Voluntary Preparedness Information

National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive

Florida Business Disaster Survival Kit

Florida Department of Emergency Management - Building a Business Continuity Plan

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icor Fl Emergency Mgmt

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Post-DRJ Meeting March 2017 - Regina Phelps



March 2017 Meeting - NewsChannel 8 Newsroom Tour



Post-DRJ Meeting March 2016 - Jim Satterfield

Chapter Holiday Party Nov 2015

Chapter Holiday Party Nov 2014

Tampa Bay Times Photos Sept 2014

Port of Tampa Photos Aug 2014

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