January 22, 2020

Location: Webinar

Topic: What Does Digital Transformation Mean for Business Continuity and Risk Management

Presenter: DRJ - Expert Webinar / Fusion Risk Managment

February 18, 2020

Location: Little Italy at 824 Afterglow St

Topic: Where Business Continuity Should Live Inside an Organization

Presenter: Steve O'Neal with Agility Recovery

February 19, 2020

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. CST

Location: Webinar

Topic: Best Practices for Pandemic Planning hosted by Fusion

Presenters: Bob Sibik

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The recent outbreak of the Covid-19—CoronaVirus Disease 2019 has created a sense of urgency amongst many organizations to review and update their pandemic plans. Most of those plans hadn’t been exercised, reviewed, or even updated since the H1N1 outbreak in 2009 or the MERS Coronavirus outbreak in 2012.

After dusting off the old plans, many organizations have come to realize how much has changed since they last documented the tasks and teams required to execute their pandemic strategies, and how much information in their plans has become obsolete.

Join Bob Sibik, senior vice president and co-founder, and Bogdana Sardak, MS, AMBCI for a webinar to discuss best practices for pandemic planning.

February 25, 2020

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. CST

Location: Webinar

Topic: Incorporate Situational Intelligence to Drive Operational Resilience presented by Everbridge and Fusion

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Presenters: Bob Sibik and Bogdana Sardak

World-wide incidents continually change the risk landscape and present evolving threats to your organization. Localized threats that don’t reach the network news may still be critical to your operations. When an incident occurs, seconds count and you need the most accurate information targeted to your sites and interests to properly assess and initiate a response.

In this webinar, you will learn how the best situational intelligence coupled with the most powerful business continuity and risk management system can significantly improve your operational resilience. See how you can leverage the power of the Fusion Framework System and Risk Center, powered by NC4, to:

  • Integrate situational awareness into your incident command center to assess business impact and drive rapid response
  • View situation alerts in context of your rich business continuity and risk management information to make more informed decisions
  • Communicate to key stakeholders more effectively as a situation unfolds
  • Manage safety, security, and incident measures in one integrated system

March dd, 2020

Location: TBD

Topic: TBD

Presenter: TBD

April dd, 2020

Location: TBD

Topic: TBD

Presenter: TBD

May dd, 2020

Location: TBD

Topic: TBD

Presenter: TBD

June 10, 2020

Location: TBD

Topic: How To Leverage Digital Transformation to your Program's Advantage

Presenter: Rich Cooper with Fusion

July 15, 2020

Location: TBD

Topic: Adaptive BC Planning, additional information can be found by clicking here.

Presenter: Mark Armour, Director Global Business Continuity with Brink's U.S.

August dd, 2020

Location: TBD

Topic: TBD

Presenter: TBD

September dd, 2020

Location: TBD

Topic: TBD

Presenter: TBD

October dd, 2020

Location: TBD

Topic: TBD

Presenter: TBD      

November dd, 2020

Location: TBD

Topic: TBD

Presenter: TBD

December dd, 2020

Location: TBD

Topic: TBD

Presenter: TBD      


DRJ Spring 2020 - Orlando, FL, March 15 - 18. For more information, click here.

18th Annual Continuity Insights Management Conference, San Antonio, TX, April 20-22. For more information, click here.

Business Resilience Expo - Multiple Conferences, click here to learn more. 

DRI 2020 - Savannah, GA, March 1-4. For more information, click here.



Disaster Recovery Journal


February 14, 2019

Location: Longhorn Cafe

Topic: Stop the Bleed

Presenter: Chillon Montgomery, Methodist Healthcare System

March 6, 2019

Location: Little Italy

Topic: Why Vendors Want You to do a BIA

Presenter: Steve O'Neal, Agility Recovery

May 9, 2019

Location: Mamacitas

Topic: The New Rules of Resiliency

Presenter: Paul Lambert, Ripcord Solutions

September 12, 2019

Location: Webinar

Topic: Cyber Resiliency and Supply Chain - Business Continuity 

Presentation: Click Here

Presenter: Rudy Saenz and Kristopher Loveless, WHATABURGER

October 16, 2019

Location: Disaster City, College Station

All Day Event: Texas Chapter ACP Field Trip

Coordinator/Sponsor:  Steve O'Neal / Agility Recovery

DisasterCity    DisasterCityTrainingInAction    TrainingRoom

 November 13, 2019

Location / Event: San Antonio International Airport Tour

  Airport Group    AP1  AP2    AP3

 December 6, 2019

Event: ACP Members Holiday Social, December 4, 2019

Location: Paesanos 1604 (6622 Paesanos Pky), San Antonio Texas, 78231

 122019 ACPSocial Group all    122019 ACPSocial Quiz Jesica Award 2019122019 ACPSocial RichandRudy



November 8, 2018 - Overview of Point of Dispensing (POD) at USAA and Terry Donovan as presenter

October 11, 2018 - DR and Cyber Insurance at Andeavor and Jim Gleaves as presenter

September 13, 2018 Cyber Security / Business Continuity at SWBC and Jeffrey Julig - SWBC CISO as presenter

August 9, 2018 Levering Mass Notification Solutions present by Kelly Williams

June 14, 2018 - Jon W. Zeitler (National Weather Service) Science and Operations Officer

May 3, 2018 - Disaster Disabled \ Resilience Reinvented Summit

April 12, 2018 - Shane Mathew - Manager of Professionals Services - Virtual Corporation (click here to download presentation)

March 9, 2018 - Joint Alamo ACP/LEPC Monthly Member Meeting

February 8, 2018 - “Disaster Recovery – It’s Not Only Technical, it’s About Reputation”

January 11, 2018 - Roundtable Discussion: Responses to Snow in San Antonio