Join now using our online membership application. Dues are $125 annually. Contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

The Alamo Chapter ACP membership is open to all business professionals, both public and private, interested in contingency planning, crisis management, disaster recovery, emergency/facility management, business resumption issues, etc. regardless of race, color, sex, age, religious affiliation, handicap or national origin. The Alamo Chapter members agree to be bound by the ACP "Code of Ethics".

Upon meeting membership requirements, a Corporate Membership Card and Membership Certificate are issued to each member. Membership includes both ACP Corporate and Chapter voting privileges. Multiple people from one organization may serve as a member of the Chapter Board of Directors, which includes Executive Committee and Director positions, however; no organization may hold more than 50% of the optional chapter board positions. The position of Past President is excluded from consideration of ACP organization representation on any Executive Committee or Board of Directors, as this position has no voting rights.

ACP members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Regular chapter meetings, announcements and high quality professional presentations by experts
  • Opportunities to network with professionals in the public and private sector, acquire knowledge, exchange ideas, and gain experience via local chapters and the Corporate ACP Mentor Program
  • Many chapters provide local newsletters
  • Quarterly corporate newsletter, ‘The ACP Sentinel’, which includes business reports, program announcements, planned association activities and current articles
  • Numerous and various quality product and service opportunities at discounted member prices

Major discounts at industry recognized conferences, symposiums, training, and products such as:

  • 6-18% off Disaster Recovery Journal Conferences
  • 10% off Contingency Planning & Management Expos
  • Up to 10% off Continuity Insights conferences
  • 25% off World Conference on Disaster Management
  • 12% off DSPN courses
  • Over 20% discount on the Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages
  • 20% off Sentryx courses and up to 40% off books and software
  • Continuing professional education credits with membership and participation at the chapter and corporate levels (including DRII certification credits)
  • Add significantly to the success of your organization by acquiring knowledge that enhances the ability to develop effective response and recovery plans
  • Membership card and certificate