We are living in very trying times - more so than in past years when Fires, Floods and Power Outages dominated the Disaster Recovery scene.

Nowadays, we have the emergence of Cyber, Terror, Protests, International Intrigue and other areas of great concern. It's time for action!

This is your opportunity to be better prepared by joining the First State Delaware Chapter of the Association of Continuity Professionals (ACP).

Tailored from the SMB to Enterprise firms, the ACP is a professional organization that provides a forum for the exchange of experiences and information for business continuity leaders throughout a network of local Chapters. With Delaware having more corporate HQs than any other state - and a focus on the SMB market to serve their communities and these corporate HQ's, it's time to join us to gain exposure to dozens of ideas and resources to protect your employees, your businesses and your communities.  And, all of this at a very fair fee based on the size of your firm.

The First State Delaware Chapter serves all three counties within the state of Delaware. Meetings are held in various locations or via Webinar throughout the state and occur quarterly. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting as Delaware serves as the headquarters for more Fortune 500 companies than in any other state.  We have a real reason for collaboration!  Join us!!


Our Leadership Team:

President - Ralph Petti, GRCP, MBCI, CBCP, CERT

Vice President - Andrew Ziegler, CBCP

Secretary - Joseph Rubin, CBCP, EMT, CERT, BLS Instructor

Treasurer - David Carpenter, CEM

First State Delaware Partnerships

First State Delaware ACP has partnered with several other groups - both present and past - to increase ACP awareness and leverage promotional opportunities.

legislative hall

  • Delaware State Chamber of Commerce
  • Delaware City Refining Company
  • The State of Delaware COOP Program
  • The Delaware Continuity Coordinators Council (DECCC)
  • Delaware Citizen Corps
  • ACP East Coast Regional Collaboration

It is our hope that these partnerships will bear great fruit in helping ACP reach other industry professionals in both the private and public sector throughout the state including New Castle County, Kent County & Sussex County.



Radio Broadcast for the First State ACP Chapter 

Past editions of the First State ACP Newsletters here.

Join the First State LinkedIn Group .

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Hosts, Presenters and Vendor Sponsors!

We are looking for hosts, presenters, and vendor sponsors for our future meetings. If you are interested in hosting an ACP meeting at one of your organization's facilities; presenting on a topic related to contingency planning, disaster recovery, or emergency management; or sponsoring an upcoming meeting, please contact First State Delaware president, Ralph Petti, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or directly at 908.310.6381