2018 Programs

The theme for 2018 will be best practices for building or refreshing a business continuity plan.    We’ll begin the year by focusing on the steps required to start a business continuity program.  Each subsequent month, we’ll build on what we’ve learned and take the next logical step in moving the plan to implementation.  To reinforce our learning, we will build a BC plan for a fictitious company.  Each month, all meeting materials and the updates to the fictitious company BC plan will be uploaded to the GTBACP website so those who could not attend will be able to stay current on our progress. 
Whether you’re just starting to build your plan or looking to learn best practices, there will be opportunities for everyone as we move through the various phases to build our knowledge base through collaboration and education.
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Monthly Meeting 

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Location: Tech Data Corporation, 16202 Bay Vista Dr, Clearwater, FL 

Date/Time: August 29, 2018   11:30 AM - 01:00 PM

Topic: IT Recovery

Our August program is all about Information Technology and this month's presentation will pull back the curtain on what can be a very mysterious and confusing department in your organization.

We'll take a layperson's tour through the department and its role in the organization.  You'll gain valuable insights into how the Information Technology department can be an essential partner in your business continuity program and can bring critical information and expertise to it.  You'll also be given tips to ensure IT recovery exercises are effective tools to measure the resiliency of your organization.

Dennis Reid will be this month's presenter.  Mr. Reid is a senior consultant with Elliot Consulting and brings over four decades of IT experience with deep background building world-class, business-focused IT departments and leading departmental turnarounds.  Dennis couples his IT experience with three decades of experience in business continuity.  He has built numerous business continuity/disaster recovery/crisis management programs for corporations in the banking, manufacturing, computer services, and publishing industries.  Mr. Reid has developed and managed numerous full-scale disaster recovery exercises and has developed and facilitated dozens of tabletop exercises for IT departments to test their technical resiliency and recovery capabilities and for business departments to exercise their business continuity plans.  Mr. Reid is a technical expert in implementing highly effective business continuity/disaster recovery/crisis management plans that increase organizational resiliency for the enterprise.

2018 GTBACP Rewards Program 

2Q2018 winner:  David Skidmore
Congratulations David!!!
2Q2018 winner:  David Skidmore
1Q2018 winner:  Tim Smalczewski

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