The Hampton Roads Association of Continuity Professionals (HRACP) is a chapter of the national, not-for-profit professional Association of Continuity Professionals (ACP). We serve the business community and business continuity/emergency management/disaster recovery sectors. Our members represent the private and public sectors, as well as non-profit organizations across the country. We provide a forum for the exchange of information and collaboration across professions, sectors & industries.


2022-2023 Hampton Roads ACP Board Of Directors:

  • Gary Lupton
  • Theresa Kirchner
  • Raymond Smith
  • Mike Taylor
  • Blair Ballard

2022-2023 Officers:

  • Gary Lupton, President
  • Theresa Kirchner: Vice-President
  • Raymond Smith: Secretary
  • Mike Taylor: Treasurer

2022-2023 Other Board Positions:

  • Terri Kirchner - Program Director
  • Raymond Smith: Information Director
  • Kevin Kearney: Logistics Director
  • Rich Flannery - At Large
  • Debbie Wright - At Large