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The Association of Continuity Professionals is committed to the growth of the business continuity industry and the educational development of its professional men and women. An ACP membership brings the BC professional a wide range of opportunities for career growth, improved job performance, added value as an employee and increased resiliency for their employer and business. 

Business continuity is constantly changing. BC professionals must constantly adapt. ACP supports its members’ professional development through: 

  • Hosting free monthly webinars to keep members on the cutting edge of best practices, standards, technology, training and preparedness 
  • Offering discounts at professional conferences, expos and trade shows  
  • Providing educational and networking opportunities at local chapter events, national conferences, forums and social media  
  • Giving access to educational material in newsletters, events, forums, white papers and other content rich web-based resources 
  • Offering help in navigating the certification process to maintain the highest levels of professional stature 
  • Providing a national organization of more than 2,000 member professionals in business continuity, disaster recovery, emergency management and all areas of business resiliency  


Membership in ACP is an investment in your career. Membership is open to those interested in the field of business continuity, emergency management, risk management and other similar disciplines.

All members must adhere to the ACP Code of Ethics. Individual Members in good standing have voting rights on issues affecting the association.

If you have additional questions about joining the Los Angeles ACP Chapter, contact our Membership Director, Blaine Mcclure, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following Code of Ethics adopted by the Association of Contingency Planners shall govern the conduct of all members, member representatives, and invited guests. It is understood that anything of a sensitive and/or proprietary nature mentioned in ACP meetings, at ACP activities or written in ACP minutes or materials shall remain confidential and be handled as such. All members and guest attendees, in conjunction or connection with any or all ACP activities shall:

  • Conduct themselves and their activities in a professional business manner.
  • Abide by the Corporate and Chapter charters, bylaws and policies of the ACP.
  • Properly register at all ACP meetings and activities.
  • Not engage in sales activities or solicitation.
  • Not conduct any other activity contrary to the purposes and objectives of the ACP.
  • Not distribute any materials or post displays of any kind at ACP activities without the prior approval of Corporate Board and/or Chapter Executive Committee.
  • Not engage in any form of personnel recruitment.
  • Not use the ACP name other than in the conduct of ACP business, as determined by the bylaws and/or the Board of Directors.
  • Be prohibited from the use of the ACP membership list, mailing list or any subsets thereof, except for ACP business. Membership lists are not to be furnished to non-members without the written permission of the ACP Board of Directors. Members who fail to observe this policy will be subject to loss of membership.
  • Restrict the use of ACP proprietary documents to the use(s) defined by the policies and procedures of the ACP and/or the Board of Directors.
  • Not publicly disclose verbal or written information pertaining to ACP business without prior written approval of the Board of Directors.
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