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September is National Prepardness Month!

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FAQ's from June 7, 2020 Chapter Meeting:


With many businesses requiring face masks before entering; how do we plan for those that don't have them...they are hard to find and should we as a business provide these to those who don't come prepared?

  • Airport is going through City contracting sources, Open contracts, and Issuing BID announcements for any vendors able to supply - COVID-19 PPE and cleaning supplies. We are also working with PORT OF LA - POLA is accessing overseas sources in Asia for some supplies. It is a constant effort - many purchasing leads do not result in products. Recently - City of LA is receiving supplies from FEMA - strategic national stockpile.  
  • Crowdsourced Spreadsheet For Vendors:
  • Of note, these items are beginning to become more accessible/available as we continue to manage through the supply/demand fight. Even though there are supply chain issues, find a reputable company and stick with them where possible! Remember, if a banana is .25 - .85 each, and someone is offering to sell one to you for $8, you might be able to find some better banana sources... 
  • Where possible, lean on the ‘requirements’ of local authorities. If you’re making decisions that are different from those in your community health guidelines, then you should run these decisions through your legal counsel. 
  • Finally, one of our Board Members, Jeff Edelstein is the owner of SOS Survival Products. He’s offered a discount to ACP LA Members. You can learn more at Los Angeles (10%) Discount Coupon Code: HC2656ACP. 
  • If you’re a public entity, you might be able to establish a public private partnership that offers a higher level of service from Amazon or a similar organization. You can learn more:

What / Where is the best latest and greatest source of the latest safety guidelines? Any changes in law?

Who inspects / audits / enforces code compliance? We're on top of PPE after I pounded my team on it for weeks. 

  • LAWA first responders - Police and Fire personnel do get tested.  Our Federal Agency Partners also do testing.  Prior to ending Telecommuting - testing will probably be phased in.  Definitely - those with symptoms are referred for testing and quarantine.
  • From what we can gather, this really is about making an individual company decision on how you’ll choose to align with the city, state and county guidelines/rules that are put in place. Put differently, in some cases there may not be someone looking, but you still have an opportunity to do the right thing.  

How are we going to manage the risks involved with the massive exposures at peaceful protests or anywhere else for that matter? Can we only expect employees to voluntarily disclose their participation at such "seeding" events?

  • Bottom line: Your Human Resources Team probably has a very firm perspective on what information you can ask of your employees; issues of where they were/are; what activities they’re participating in; etc. Your responsibility becomes: “How can we strengthen the social distancing and other compliance requirements to ensure that people are as safe as they can be?”

What are the trends that you’re observing throughout the industries you’re engaged in? 

  • LAX has adopted many self-service KIOSKS for baggage check in and boarding passes.  TSA is also limiting touching paper and ID cards - passports.  All efforts are being explored to limit contact with paper and paper money.
  • Other organizations have considered switching to cashless operations and prioritizing digital payments (Apple Pay and similar). 
  • Organizations that have the capacity to do this are exploring minimizing or even eliminating touch-screens, elevator buttons, etc. If there were a way to prevent the need to touch hi-touch surfaces, suddenly the environment is safer. 
  • Some contemplation of changing escalator handles/handrails, a lot of discussion around and about utilizing touchless handles, etc.



Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) Guide to

Planning for Business Operations After Earthquakes


Here's a link to a very useful article targeted to business who need to plan for recovery operations after an earthquake.

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