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Date/Time: Thursday September 12 - 11:30 AM - 3:30 PM


June Meeting Recap

The presenters for ACP Liberty Valley Chapter’s June meeting did not disappoint when it came to their expertise and personal viewpoint on the topics that were shared.

"Planes, Trains & Automobiles: What You Need to Know About Travel Safety"

Tracy Gkonos, Principal & Co-Founder - ProTinue, Inc & Robbie LaRocca, Associate Director – Merck stressed the importance of educating yourself of pertinent travel information such as: customs, embassy locations and your organization’s travel policy when traveling domestic and abroad.

"University of Pennsylvania's Mission Continuity Program"

Janet Plantan, Executive Director of Special Projects & Anita Gelburd, Mission Continuity Program Manager - U of Penn discuss the maturation of Penn’s business continuity program and the introduction of the BIA, business impact analysis, as the next phase of the university’s planning.

"Is Your Organization Incident Response 3.0 Ready?"

Michael J. Sher - Founder & CEO, Groupdolists, shared findings from a recent study which analyzed how organizations’ dependency on technology requires a digitized incident response plan with easy access for respondents. He also provided simulated example .

"BC Metrics: Which Ones Count"

Frank Perlmutter, Founder - Strategic BCP, described the different metrics to use to answers questions of decision makers. He also provided tip on data gathering such as:

  • Base questions on fact
  • Use an understandable metrics tool
  • Keys to reporting and presentation