Upcoming Chapter Meeting

Date/Time: Thursday, February 14, 2019 - 11:30 am to 3:30 pm

Location: TierPiont Valley Forge - 1000 Adams Avenue, Norristown, PA 19403

**Please note that a photo ID will be required**

Parking is available on-site. 


Please register via the link below by EOD Thursday, February 7th.



Lunch & meeting space sponsored by TierPoint


Highlights from December's Holiday Meeting

Ruth Frazier was the 2018 LV ACP MVP winner.  She was recognized for her dedication and commitment to the chapter, as well as for the planning of the 2018 summer social event.  Below is Ruth’s official award announcement.

On behalf of the LV ACP Board of Directors, we would like to acknowledge and recognize Ruth Frazier as this year’s MVP winner. 

When I announced, at the April chapter meeting, that we would be putting together a “Social Committee” to help organize a summer event, Ruth came up to me immediately afterwards and asked if she could help.  Ruth stepped up and led the Social Committee; she scheduled weekly planning meetings, followed-up with detailed meeting minutes, and clearly communicated our “asks” with the Elmwood Park Zoo contacts.  She researched giveaways, favors, decorations.  She purchased the water, ice, cookies, banner, custom made ACP stickers; she assembled the cookie bags and brought in coolers from home.  She also chose all of the delicious appetizers!  Ruth was at the Zoo early on the day of the event to ensure that the Zoo Brew area was set up properly for our members.

So what I am saying is….Ruth was instrumental in the planning and execution of the summer event.  She went above and beyond on her own time; she thought of everything so that our members didn’t have to and could just show up and enjoy the event. 

Ruth, on behalf of the Board, we thank you for all your hard work and for delivering a wonderful summer event for our members.   

Jeremy Gudgeon was the 2nd 2018 LV ACP MVP winner.  Jeremy was recognized for his dedication and commitment to the chapter, specifically for the planning of the SEPA Business Continuity Summit.  Below is Jeremy’s official award announcement.

On behalf of the LV ACP Board of Directors, we would like to acknowledge and recognize Jeremy Gudgeon as this year’s second MVP winner. 

Jeremy is the co-Director of Programs for the Liberty Valley chapter.  He does a great job of creating topics for meetings and obtaining speakers to support those topics and the message he wants to convey.  The Liberty Valley chapter has partnered with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Task Force for the past several years to create a full day summit with speakers and content designed to appeal to the ACP members as well as several public sector organizations.  Jeremy was instrumental in the planning and coordination of the event.  He modified the program, obtained speakers required to support the new program, and made sure that every detail was taken care of.  He met with each speaker at least once ahead of time to ensure that their presentations would align with and support the overall theme that he was trying to convey.  He left no detail to chance and ensured that in addition to the program itself all logistical plans were completed including lunch for attendees and travel arrangements for speakers. 

Four days before the event, one of the speakers was mobilized and had to drop out of the program.  Jeremy rallied his contacts and obtained a replacement speaker.  Two days before the event, another speaker was mobilized and had to drop out of the program.  Once again Jeremy rallied his contacts and was able to secure a panel to replace that speaker and continue to support the theme for the day.  Despite the last minute hiccups, Jeremy persevered and organized a very successful meeting.  He also maintained a professional attitude during all planning meetings, focused on getting the job done, and never lost his composure while organizing a very successful meeting. 


MVP Winner R Frazier 2


MVP Winner J Gudgeon