Mid-Florida ACP Chapter August (Virtual) Meeting 

Guest Speaker: Monty Edge, President, Active Threat Solutions, LLC

Topic: The Role of Situational Awareness in Mitigating Threats and Improving Response

Date: Thursday, August 19, 2021; 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Location: Your Computer (If you have a camera, please join us online - it'll be good to see faces)

Join Our Zoom Meeting: The link will be emailed 


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Not your traditional picture,...  but we are not your traditional company.

Monty Edge has been living the concepts of prepare, train, and respond for his entire career. His experience in building and maintaining cell towers, high-angle rescue, disaster recovery, self-protection, and emergency medical service has forged his capability. Monty engaged with hazard assessment, emergency preparation, and emergency response training through numerous ventures that he co-founded, such as Site Resources Inc, Recovery Logistics LLC, and Every Day Ready LLC. Driven by a passion for emergency response, Monty also obtained an NREMT certification and has practiced as an EMT in both New Hampshire and North Carolina. Together, Monty and his wife co-founded Active Threat Solutions, LLC. where they empower organizations to prepare and train so they can respond to emergencies.






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