Pandemic Preparedness & Response:  What Works & What Have We Learned?

Presentor:  Aaron Miller, CBCP, MBCI, PMP, CISA, CRISC, Business Contiuity Analys, RevSpring

Source:  ACP Chapter Meeting, August 20, 2020

Description:  Today, you cannot really talk very long about business continuity before you get to pandemic preparedness and response. In this presentation, we will not rehash what has been told, we’ll review what works, what companies have learned and how to prepare for the next wave of the event. In addition, we will review current trends in business continuity beyond pandemics, including how business continuity can fit quite nicely into an overall enterprise risk management framework.

10 Principles and 6 Questions:  An Introduction to Adaptive BC

Presenter:  David Lindstedt, PhD, PMP, CBCP, Founder Adaptive BC Solutions

Source:  ACP Chapter Meeting, June 19, 2019

Description:  Adaptive Business Continuity (Adaptive BC) has emerged as a potential alternative to Traditional BC practices.  Just int he last few months, representatives from Assurance SW, Avolution Consulting, the BCI, Continuity Logic, and other organizations have weighed in on this new approach.  But just what does it all mean?

 Managing Vendors and Mitigating Risk

Presenter:  Aaron Miller, Bank America, IT Risk & Governance Analyst

Source:  ACP Chapter Meeting, June 19, 2019

Managing vendors effectively involves more today than tracking SLA's and expiration dates.  Regulatory and compliance issues heighten the responsibility of the contractor and reinforce the fact that while services can be outsources, the responsibilities cannot.  Those responsibilities include data protections (with an eye toward GDPR in Europe and heading to the US), data security, data retention and any necessary notification.  

Aaron's presentation traces the evolution of vendor management, with an eye toward risks organizations face when outsourcing and how to manage and mitigate those risks.  We'll anchor our discussion with the requirements for financial institutions that align with the Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council (FFIEC) for compliance.  We'll examine new trends in vendor management including tracking and scoring vendor performance with useful and usable metrics.

 Time for a Health Check!  Is your notification system efficient, effective and 'crisis ready'?

Presenter:  Kelly Williams, Onsolve

Source:  ACP Chapter Meeting, June 19, 2019

Description:  As professionals in business continuity, crisis communications are an important part of our knowledge base, preparation and training.  Most compainies utilize notification software tools to communicate with their people during a crisis event and to manage critical next steps.

Join Kelly Williams of Onsolve, as she zeroes in on the most common problems when the software tools you're using do not work as planned.  People aren't responding, they're hanging up, the wrong alert was sent, etc.  If critical communications falls into your area of responsibility, it's time for a health check!  Learn key strategies for ensuring your don't just have a notification system in place but that your notification system is efficient, effective and 'crisis ready'.