Mid Penn ACP went virtual!

The August 20, 2020 ACP meeting was held virtually.  Aaron Miller presented a  thought-provoking perspective of Pandemic Preparedness & Response:  What Works & What Have we Learned 

Look what happened at the Business Continuity Summit April 9-11, 2019

2 Howard Price 3

Keynote Speaker, Howard Price, presents Results-Based Resilience: Budget-friendly Business Contniuty Planning that Actually Works


4 Matt and Caitlin

Matthew Meade, and Caitlin O'Toole present Understanding Regulatory, Compliance and Audit Reurements; Contractual and Legal Ramifications; Implecations for Cyber Liabilty Insurance


7 George

Keynote Speaker George Giangi presents Risk Assessment and the TMI Case Study


8 Molly Dougherty 2

Molly Dougherty and Ruth Miller (not shown) present Crisis Communications and Coordinatin with External Agencies


9 Panel

Members of the Mid-Penn Chapter of ACP participate in a panel discussion on Program Development and Plan Implementation Strategies/Action Review


Sherry Ehler received the 2018 MVP Award