2018 Chapter Meetings 

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October  11                                                              Venue sponsored by :

Business Impact Analysis: Getting real value from an effective Business Impact Analysis

A Business Impact Analysis (BIA) can fall flat when it fails to address the real issues. A BIA can also be time-consuming and ineffective. The speakers will address pitfalls and provide useful tips on how to fulfill the real purpose of a strong BIA.

The topic will be jointly presented by BOLDplanning and its partner company Ankura Consulting. BOLDplanning, represented by the company’s COO Rick Wimberly, changed the way business continuity and emergency plans were developed by combining consulting with a technology platform. The BOLDplanning platform recently hit the mark of producing 10,000 plans. Rick has been working in the emergency space for the last twenty years and had advised some of the largest organizations in the country.

Ankura Consulting Group helps clients understand risk, resolve uncertainty, and improve resilience during critical times. Ankura is represented by Senior Director Rich Lowery. Rich has worked with companies globally developing BC management frameworks and crisis management systems. Examples include Hilton Worldwide, Sephora, and W.R. Berkley.

Click Here for the Bold Planning Presentation

 Location:  5410 Maryland Way, First Floor, Brentwood

August                                                             Venue sponsored by:  

Meeting Speaker: Melissa Rhodes, Roundtable Discussion: 

Is the traditional BIA still valid?
What program metrics are being used?
What’s the best approach to secure executive sponsorship?


                                          Chapter Sponsor:  

Meeting Speaker: Northstar Recovery Services, Inc.

Speaker Topic: Gaming Theory and Exercise Constructs - A Means to a Solid Contingency Plan – Click Here to Access the Presentation

NorthStar Recovery Services has over 30 years of experience providing emergency preparedness and remediation services in retail, education, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality and industrial environments. Our corporate philosophy reflects our commitment to ensuring client long term business continuity and resiliency against known risk elements. Click here to learn more.


Meeting Speaker: Ranga Ramanujam, Owen School of Business Vanderbilt University

Speaker Topic: Organizing for Reliability – Click Here to Access the Presentation


Meeting Speaker: Megan Epperson, Manager IT Risk Programs

Speaker Topic:  Business Continuity Planning Goals