Welcome to the North Texas Chapter of the Association of Continuity Professionals (ACP). ACP is a non-profit professional organization, which provides a forum for the exchange of experiences and information, for business continuity professionals, throughout a network of local chapters.

Founded in March of 1986, the North Texas Chapter is one of the oldest continuously meeting chapters, and among the largest by membership, serving the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month, unless the first Tuesday coincides with a holiday week.  We invite you to attend our next meeting. 

For anyone who would like to attend our virtual meetings, please contact our Membership Director via our Contact Us page or on our Membership page.


May Meeting

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 4, 2021  Noon - 1:30 PM

Where:  Virtual Event (meeting info will be provided for those who RSVP)

Address: Video link information to be sent to those attending 

Topic:  The Netflix Resilience Approach

Presenter: Scott Baldwin, CBCP, MBCI, Head of Enterprise Resilience at Netflix and current ACP National Board Member - Innovations Committee Co-Chair



Attendees should anticipate a minimum of 1.5-hour meetings, with the expectation that meetings may last for 2 hours. Please join us for our next meeting!

Anyone interested in hosting an event or speaking at an upcoming meeting, please contact our Programs Director.

Note: Additional information on regular meeting locations can be found on the Events page.


ACP North Texas Members,

It has now been a year since many moved out of their office and started working from home. Over the year, there have been many challenges, changes, and successes for each of us. As a professional organization that focuses on Resiliency, Crisis Management, and Planning, this year has been especially challenging for many of our members in different ways.

Some have dealt with business and professional challenges. Maybe your company may have fully supported your discipline and you were prepared for the Pandemic and just implemented your plans (good for you!). Other companies thought they were prepared but needed your assistance to add quite a few enhancements to ensure the plans in place met the unique challenges that came with a global Pandemic. Then there were others whose companies implemented a reduction in workforce during COVID-19 impacting some of our members.

But over and above work, we also had family blessings and opportunities. Whereas some of the workforce continued to go to work each day through the pandemic (THANK YOU), others have had the need to utilize a home office.  If you had an existing office, great, but if not, you may have had to scramble to rearrange furniture, allocate equipment, or coordinate time with your significant other to use the office for a Zoom meeting. If you have a family you had to deal with the additional family balance, closeness or separation that the Pandemic forced upon us. No matter what, you made your situation work in part because within our discipline’s DNA, that is all we know, just work through it until we are done.

As we inch closer to coming out of the Pandemic, each of us will have our own unique story of what the past year was like. I, like you, found out much about friends, family, work, and co-workers that we never knew before. Whatever you had to deal with this past year, I wanted to close by recognizing your accomplishments and commitment.  Not just professional, but also everything you have personally dealt with through this as maybe most importantly we found out much about ourselves and the strength we have. I hope each of you applies that new knowledge to add to the commitment you personally have as professionals and family members. A year ago, you may never have known you were as “resilient” as your discipline, but you found out you really are. The North Texas ACP Chapter strongly supports each of you.

I am excited to have each of you as members to experience our 35th Anniversary and all that is in front of us.
Thank you for your continued support and membership, and I look forward to each and every member making
their own personal mark on the future history of the North Texas Chapter.


Chet Bojarski, MBCP

North Texas Chapter President         


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