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Welcome to the North Texas Chapter of the Association of Continuity Professionals (ACP). ACP is a non-profit professional organization, which provides a forum for the exchange of experiences and information, for business continuity professionals, throughout a network of local chapters.

Founded in March of 1986, the North Texas Chapter is one of the oldest continuously meeting chapters, and among the largest by membership, serving the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month unless the first Tuesday coincides with a holiday week.  We invite you to attend our next meeting. 

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December Holiday Luncheon (NTX Chapter Member Only Event)

Date/Time: Tuesday, December 6, 2022   11:30 - 1:30 PM 

Location:  Texas de Brazil Churrascaria Steakhouse

Address:  15101 Addison Road, Addison, Texas 75001

Topic:  Holiday Luncheon

Presenter: Noth Texas ACP Chapter Board


Attendees should anticipate a 90-minute monthly meeting, with the understanding that some meetings may last up to 2 hours.  Please join us for our next meeting!

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ACP North Texas Members,

Recently I watched “The Polar Express”, and I could not help but be amazed by a few things. First, were the graphics in the movie. From the facial and body movements to seeing such perfect reflections in a hub cap, it is sometimes hard to remember that this was an animated film produced 18 years ago. The second was how if you just “Believed”, you could hear something that others could not (in this case the ringing bell and seeing Santa). Even if you may have believed in years before, but lost that belief.

The movie and the message made me think that being a Resiliency expert is like being Santa. Think about it, many times we face those around us that do not “Believe”. How many times in dealing with stakeholders do you get pushback? Maybe in the past, they wanted or supported plans, but have slowly been losing that belief that the benefits or threats are not real? Maybe that is because they only believe in what they themselves can physically see (Santa) but they can no longer hear the sound it makes as they no longer believe in what it represents because of outside sources.  

Then one day something happens (like a hurricane or pandemic) and there are so many expectations of those around us. The presents are what make many actually believe because they can actually touch and feel something, but how did they get everywhere overnight? But on Christmas morning, what many do not think about is all the planning and work that went into making that moment special. For example, asking questions to know what each person wanted and needed; going out to make sure what they wanted was available; writing those letters (or justifications), and hoping that morning, as they open that present, that it is exactly what they envisioned. And don’t forget the “Elves” working throughout the year in the background (you never hear about Elves in July).

So, I ask, are we really that much different than being the Santa to those around us in business? I feel we are constantly asking people to “Believe” in our vision, want them to share with us what they might want, hoping that each of them will see more than just the bell, but when it rings, they will always hear it. For everyone needs to continuously Believe throughout the year, every one of us, or you fall short of expectations. 

May the spirit & blessings of this Holiday season be with you all.


 Chet Bojarski thumbnail1
Chet Bojarski, MBCP

North Texas Chapter President         


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