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Founded in March of 1986, the North Texas Chapter is one of the oldest continuously meeting chapters, and among the largest by membership, serving the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month, unless the first Tuesday coincides with a holiday week.  We invite you to attend our next meeting. 

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May Meeting

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 4, 2021  Noon - 1:30 PM

Where:  Virtual Event (meeting info will be provided for those who RSVP)

Address: Video link information to be sent to those attending 

Topic:  The Netflix Resilience Approach

Presenter: Scott Baldwin, CBCP, MBCI, Head of Enterprise Resilience at Netflix and current ACP National Board Member - Innovations Committee Co-Chair



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ACP North Texas Members,

This month I am thinking of each of our personal roles within our chosen disciplines, but through the lens of a screenplay. So let me ask you this question. When you think about your role within your Resiliency program, from that screenplay perspective, do you see yourself as the Writer, Director, Actor or Critic?

Are you the Writer? The role is to take an idea from thought to story line (your discipline strategy?), determining if the foundation will be a Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Musical, or Action. You need to identify the key characters, any underlining storylines, with some type of memorable conclusion.

Are you the Actor? Transitioning into the person you are portraying from the written word, and through direction, compelling the viewers you are really that person (as the process SME?). The Actor has many personal traits, some they know in depth and some that are done through research. They take the vision of the script and bring it to life.

Are you the Director?  Taking the writer’s plan & actor’s expertise to ensure the final product meets the expectations of those paying to produce it (planning or leading your company through a crisis and fixing what just does not look right?). The director will make sure everything fits together, costumes, scenery, actors’ interactions with each other, but no one take is perfect. The Director should not move on until they feel it is perfect from their overall vision. 

Are you the Critic?  Looking at the production from the perspective of an outside observer. Sitting back and looking at the good, the bad, and any opportunities to make it better, along with drawing in others to go see it or ignore it through their review. (This could be your After-Action Review and write-ups?).

Personally, I feel that each of us has to be great at all of them for a complete Resiliency Program. We each need to be able to move into the right role based on both the situation and the audience we are in front of at that moment. I challenge that if you are only playing one the four roles, you may not be as engaged and personally accountable to the success and enhancement of your program as you might think. What would a critic write about you and your program? I personally hope others would want to pay to see it! 


Chet Bojarski, MBCP

North Texas Chapter President         


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