Company – Raytheon Missiles & Defense in Tucson, AZ - Position - Manager, Business Resilience & Crisis Management (BRCM)



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Because of you and your interest in giving back to the continuity community as a mentor or mentee, ACP is creating a formal ACP Mentorship Program!  In your current ACP profile, you shared a desire to be a mentor and/or mentee by selecting the “Be a mentor” or “Be a mentee” on the Special Group Interest section of your profile. ACP wants to continue our partnership with you in starting a valuable and sustainable Mentorship Program. Here’s how you can help us do that. At your earliest convenience, please go to the ACP International website and renew your interest in the Mentorship Program by updating your profile:

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    • Please share with us: Special Group Interest, select “Be a mentor” or “Be a mentee”
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We know you probably have lots of questions about participating in this great program. So be on the lookout for more information coming from ACP soon!!

North Texas Chapter Mentorship Program - If you are interested in participating in the North Texas ACP Mentorship program, as either a mentor or mentee, please contact our Director of Mentorship, George Philpot for more information.



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