The ACP-OC Chapter meets from 12:00pm to 3:00pm on the second Wednesday of odd numbered months (January, March, May, July, September, November) and ending the year with the Annual Holiday Luncheon in December.

Meetings are held at the American Red Cross, 600 Park Center Drive, Santa Ana, CA 92705 and include lunch, networking and two educational presentations.

redcross santaana


Find out more about sponsoring an ACP Orange County meeting by contacting our PR Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Date Topic Presenter Documents
07/13/16 Active Shooters in Your Workplace Orange County Sheriff Department

Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Presentation 3
Presentation 4
Presentation 5

09/09/15 Making BIA Data a High Value Strategic Advantage for Your Organization Barry Cardoza  
07/08/15 Reducing the Effects of the "Big One"

History's Overlooked Disasters and What We Can Learn from Them

Keith Porter, Reseach Professor, University of Colorado, boulder

Molly Latham, BCP/DR Consultant and ACP National Board Member

05/13/15 Active Shooter Response & Post Incident Strategies

Agility Presentation: History & Recovery Services

Manny Tau, Psy.D., Threat Management Specialist, Clinical & Forensic Psychologist PSY14892

Mr. Newman

Presentation 1
Presentation 2

01/14/15 The Year in Review: BCP Lessons Learned Phil Lambert, Ripcord  
12/10/14  Annual Holiday Luncheon   Pictures

Leveraging BCP Awareness Week

Annual Chapter Business

Susan Zeilan  
09/10/14 Back to Basics: BC 101 Barry Gorelick, Union Bank  
07/09/14 Joint Regional Intelligence Center 101 Andrew Carlson  
05/14/14 EOC Operations & Red Cross Tour Katrina Faulker  

ERT Program

AED Program Management

Todd Rovner, Raytheon

J Burke Mucho, Zee Medical

Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Presentation 3

01/08/14 2013 Lessons Learned Susan Zeilan - CoreLogic Inc.

Rebecca Christy – Karl Storz

12/11/13 Annual Holiday Luncheon   Pictures
11/13/13 Exercise Best Practices

Annual Chapter Business

DeBorah Lozada, Director, Fox Entertainment Group

Bill Wostenberg, Consultant - IT, Pacific Life Insurance Company


09/11/13 Recognizing the 12th Anniversary of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

GETs/WPS/TSP - What are they?

Wayne Merrick - Project Manager; Automobile Club of Southern California

Becky Christy - BCP Manager; Karl Storz Endoscopy America

07/10/13 Managing Mobility AND Business Resiliency

Working Together Before, During and After an Emergency

Jennifer Dunn McCrea, Sales Director, Continuity Solutions, xMatters

Elizabeth Daoust, Senior Emergency Management Coordinator, Orange County Sheriffs Department

05/08/13 Targeted Violence & Active Shooter Survival Strategies Manny Tau, Psy.D., Clinical & Forensic Psychologist, Threat Management Specialist


03/13/13 Alert the Masses – How to Deliver Effective Emergency Communications

Hurricane Sandy Red Cross Overview

Ann Pickren, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, MIR3

Barb Casserly, Fund Development, American Red Cross


F24 Sponsor Presentation

2012 Lessons Learned Panel Discussion

Robert Mattes – Managing Director

Christopher Riccardi – Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center

Susan Zielan – CoreLogic Inc.

Philip Bigge – The Center for Continuity Leadership

Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Presentation 3
Presentation 4

12/12/12 Annual Holiday Luncheon    

Real Life Lesson: Auditing Your Supply Chain

Assessing your BCP Program

Suzanna Ryan Hall, Manager Business Continuity, Qualcomm
Katie Wiest, Director Operations, Qualcomm

Cheyene Marling, BC Management, Inc.

09/12/12 Nuclear Preparedness: How Has the Japan Earthquake and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Event Affected Local Planning? Sara Kaminske, Assistant Emergency Manager, OC Sheriff’s - Emergency Management Bureau and Dan Cleavenger, Offsite Emergency Planner, San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) Flyer 
07/11/12 Critical Communications Recovery

When Mobile Phones Go Bad

Jerry Montella, Vice President, Mail-Gard

Lance Charnes

05/09/12 Does Your Thinking Limit Your Success?

21st Century Networking – A Powerful Way to Gain Career Insurance and Generate New Business

Lindon A. Crow, CEO/President, Productive Learning & Leisure, LLC.

Rick Itzkowich

03/14/12 BCP Metrics - Using Metrics to Measure Your Program's Compliance and Recovery Capability

ACP National News

Michael Herrera, CEO/President, MHA Consulting Inc

Mike Gifford, Senior Manager of Disaster Recovery & Risk, Capital Group Companies

01/11/12 2011 Lessons Learned Panel Discussion Gerald (Jerry) Shamburg, Manager, West Coast Operations - Global Crisis Management, The Walt Disney Company

Monica Ruzich, Manager, Preparedness & Community Education - The American Red Cross

Becky Christy, BCP Manager KARL STORZ

12/14/11 Annual Holiday Luncheon    
11/09/11 How to Conduct Powerful Exercises Every Time and Live Mock Exercise Phil Lambert, President - The Center for Continuity Leadership.  

Elevating Disaster Recovery to Strategic Business Initiatives

Doing more with less? Project Management to the rescue

Rebecca Levesque, COO, EVP - 21st Century Software

DeBorah J. Lozada, CBCP, CBRA Director, Business Continuity Management Fox Entertainment Group

09/14/11 Extraordinary Responses to Unprecedented Events - Toyota Motor Sales, USA's response to customers during recall crisis of 2010. Nancy Fein, Vice President, Supply Chain Strategy  
08/10/11 How the Private Sector has enhanced the Public Health Response Keith Olenslager, HCA Program Manager, Alison Kellman-Lewis, Cities Readiness Initiative Coordinator, Joe Byrne, Program Consultant Orange County Health Care Agency  
06/15/11 Managing a Business Continuity Program - A Special Presentation and Group Discussion Randall Till, MBCP, Founder & Lead Consultant - Till Continuity Group  
05/11/11 Neighborhood Preparation Plan Larry Bufton, Advisory Panel for Irvine CERT  
04/13/11 Taking the Unpredictability Out of Power Jim Neumann, Vice President, Power Analytics Corporation  
03/09/11 Employee Emergency Training - Growing Your Teams Gerald (Jerry) Shamburg, Manager, West Coast Operations - Global Crisis Management, The Walt Disney Company  
02/09/11 The Failure of Risk Management - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Zacharias J. Beckman, President & CEO, Hyrax International LLC  

Ten BCP Professional Practices

Solar Flares & WikiLeaks OH MY! - Unconventional Threats in 2011

Barry Gorelick, Union Bank's SVP

Bill Wostenberg, Manager BC Planning, Auto Club of Southern California

12/08/10 Annual Holiday Luncheon    

A Resilient Nation

Ready OC - Emergency Preparedness Campaign

Steve Jordan, Principal, Traiden Global Solutions

Rick Miltenberger, Senior VP, Westbound Communications.


Who's watching your computer?

Preparedness Toolbox

Michael Lattimore MCP DTM IT Specialist/Engineer, Southern California Edison

Susan Jacobo, ACP-OC Vice President 

09/08/10 Workplace Violence as it relates to Business Continuity Planning Tony Adame, Sr VP, Marsh Risk Consulting  

Auditors Are Knocking on Your Door, Is Your BC Program Ready?

Living on Shaky Ground: 2010 earthquakes and ShakeOut Drill Updates

DeBorah J. Lozada

Margaret Vinci, Manager, Office of Earthquake Programs, Caltech

06/09/10 How to Get Your Point Across Without Killing the Other Person Cynthia Heller Alt, PhD, Alt Consulting  
05/12/10 How to View Business Continuity from an Executive Perspective Mary Carrido, founder and CEO of MLC & Associates, Inc  

Why Flu is Still an Important Emergency Preparedness Issue

Pandemic H1N1 in Orange County: An H1N1 Retrospective and Business Snapshots

Sadina Reynaldo, Assistant Program Director, Pandemic Influenza Unit, L.A. County Deptartment of Public Health

Orange County Health Care Agency

Keith Olenslager, MPH, Health Disaster Management Division

Michele Cheung, MD MPH, Deputy Medical Director, Epidemiology

03/10/10 ACP-OC 2010 Spring Conference

Preparedness GPS - Directions for Resilient Positioning

Key note speakers:

Judy Bell, Disaster Survival Planning Network

"Table Top Exercise - scenario: "What if?"

Phil Lambert, The Center for Continuity Leadership
"Is There an ROI in Business Continuity?"


Prepare OC: Web-Enabling County of Orange Incident Preparedness, Response and Recovery to Achieve True Organizational Collaboration

Meeting the Challenges of Business Preparedness

Lynne Halverson, Business Continuity Manager, County of Orange

Orange County chapter of the American Red Cross

Monica Ruzich - Disaster Preparedness SpecialistCorporate Education

Marsha McNamara - Workplace Safety Consultant


BCM Program Awareness Trends and the Maturity of your BCM

Workshop - How to Measure an Organization's State of Readiness

Cheyene Haase, President, BC Management

Phil Lambert, President & Founder, Center for Continuity Leadership