Becoming a Member

Membership is open to those interested in the field of business continuity, emergency management, risk management and other similar disciplines.

Individual Memberships are renewed on an annual basis with membership dues established by each local chapter.

All members must adhere to the ACP Code of Ethics. Individual Members in good standing have voting rights on issues affecting the association. If you have additional questions about joining ACP, contact the Director of Membership at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join?

ACP has become a unifying force for practitioners in the rapidly evolving field of business continuity. Through its network of local chapters and strategic alliances with industry leaders, membership provides direct access to information and resources that enhance professional development.Active participation allows members to:

  • Share knowledge with and gain insight from a network of industry practitioners
  • Expand skill sets through an extensive knowledge base of resources
  • Earn professional education credits for membership and meeting attendance
  • Advance your career through increased visibility and leadership opportunities
  • Receive discounts on conferences, products, services, and training

Is ACP right for me?

Membership is open to those interested in the field of business continuity, emergency management, risk management and similar disciplines. If you would like to participate in our diverse network of over 2,400 professionals to learn and share knowledge about business continuity planning, join today!

Who are ACP members?

ACP has over 2,400 active members in 40+ chapters across North America. Members serve in a variety of public and private industries including Financial, Information Technologies, Telecommunications, Utilities, Manufacturing and Distribution, Education, Consulting, and Health Care.

Can I attend meetings at different chapters?

Chapters accept and encourage participation from members across the country. If you travel extensively, join the chapter where you would attend a majority of your meetings. Then feel free to contact any ACP Chapter located where you are traveling and RSVP for meetings.

What is ACP's payment policy?

ACP accepts checks, money orders, Pay Pal and major credit cards (Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express).

If your company pays for either a single membership or multiple memberships they need to send only one check. However, the check must accompany the renewal notice(s) or new membership application(s) of all persons paid so that the money can be correctly credited to each person's account.

Company issued purchase orders are accepted only for renewing memberships.

Are corporate dues separate from chapter dues?

Posted affiliated membership dues combine both annual corporate and local chapter dues. General membership dues are unaffiliated with any chapter.
Is the membership term for a full calendar year?

The term date for an annual (12 month) membership is based on the calendar year and not the application date.

Is ACP a non-profit organization?

ACP is a non-profit, tax-exempt professional association registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)6 business league. Individual and Organizational membership dues, sponsorships and other money paid to ACP are not considered charitable contributions but may be deductible business expenses. Consult your tax advisor for information and advice.

Does ACP provide certifications?

ACP does not provide professional certifications, but partners with well-known and reputable organizations that do.

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