ACP is a non-profit trade association dedicated to fostering continued professional growth and development in effective Contingency and Business Resumption Planning. ACP is the recognized premier international networking and information exchange organization in the business continuity industry.

We welcome all individuals, regardless of experience or certification, with an interest in the Profession.

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The Association of Contingency Planners is the nation's leading non-profit association, comprising professionals who are responsible for or have an interest in preventing disasters, planning to sustain business operations after a disaster and facilitating the resumption of normal business activities following a major disaster.

Members of ACP nationwide represent business, industry and government organizations at all levels. Included are executives, administrators, managers, directors, writers, legal staffs, accountants, engineers, sales-persons, records managers, archivists and many more professionals.

Our Mission: To promote a vibrant, professional, educational association to continually increase the state of contingency planning and disaster mitigation throughout the public and private sectors.

Our Vision: To be recognized throughout the industry as THE premier organization for contingency planners and business resumption professionals.

Our Goals are:

  • To promote greater awareness and understanding of contingency planning
  • To provide opportunities for member growth through training, information exchange, certification programs, career opportunities awareness and conferences,
  • To contribute to the advancement of state-of-the-art in contingency and business recovery planning,
  • To promote increased cooperation and participation in contingency planning between the public and private sectors,
  • To serve as a unifying force in defining and leading this rapidly evolving field, and
  • To render consistent, courteous, personal and responsive service to its members

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The following Code of Ethics adopted by the Association of Contingency Planners shall govern the conduct of all members, member representatives, and invited guests. It is understood that anything of a sensitive and/or propriety nature mentioned in ACP meetings, at ACP activities or written in ACP minutes or materials shall remain confidential and be handled as such.

All members and guest attendees, in conjunction or connection with any or all ACP activities shall:

  • Conduct themselves and their activities in a professional business manner.
  • Abide by the Corporate and Chapter charters, bylaws and policies of the ACP.
  • Properly register at all ACP meetings and activities.
  • Not engage in sales activities or solicitations.
  • Not conduct any other activity contrary to the purposes and objectives of the ACP.
  • Not distribute any materials or post displays of any kind at ACP activities without the prior approval of the Corporate Board of Directors and/or the Chapter Executive Committee.
  • Not engage in any form of personnel recruitment.
  • Not use the ACP name other than in the conduct of ACP business, as determined by the bylaws and/or the Board of Directors.
  • Be prohibited from the use of the ACP general membership list, mailing list or any subsets thereof, except for ACP business. Membership lists are not to be furnished to non-members without the written permission of the ACP Board of Directors.
  • Members who fail to observe this policy will be subject to loss of membership.
  • Restrict the use of ACP proprietary documents to the use(s) defined by the policies and procedures of the ACP and/or the Board of Directors.
  • Not publicly disclose verbal or written information pertaining to ACP business without prior written approval of the Board of Directors.

A big thank you from the Disaster Recovery International (DRI) Foundation

The Disaster Recovery International (DRI) Foundation would like to thank the members of the Association of Contingency Planners (ACP) - Washington [State Chapter] for your generous contribution toward relief efforts for the survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan-Yolanda. Here is an update as to how we used your donation:

During the weeks after Haiyan struck, the DRI Foundation reached out to our contacts in the Philippines to determine the most effective use of funds. The message was clear—there was an urgent need to start the rebuilding process; therefore, we contacted Habitat for Humanity Philippines to expand our successful partnership in the U.S. We allocated funds to sponsor a Habitat Core House. The house features a lightweight steel frame for earthquake resilience as well as a hip roof with a higher pitch and shorter overhang for typhoon resistance. These new safety features will enable a family to start anew.

This was the first time that the DRI Foundation solicited donations for a specific cause. Although we were unsure what to expect, the response from our community was overwhelming. We are not surprised at the altruism that our fellow business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency management colleagues showed in the face of this devastating event. We are proud to be a part of this noble community. Together we have a greater impact than we could individually. Furthermore, this effort reaffirmed the importance of the DRI Foundation mission—the rebuilding process for impacted communities is a critical need we should be prepared to support.

As an added benefit, you will receive periodic updates as to the progress of the house we are building together. Please be sure to check our website, Facebook page and other social media links below to learn about our volunteer program and other ways you can get involved.

The DRI Foundation is empowered by your support to help survivors recover and rebuild their lives.

What can I get out of ACP?

Membership in ACP offers several benefits, including:

  • Regular chapter meetings with professional presentations by experts on subjects selected by members,
  • Personal networking with other local ACP members,
  • Knowledge you can use to protect your family in the event of a disaster,
  • National networking with ACP subject matter experts in various emergency and contingency planning specialties,
  • Continuing Education Units granted through attendance at ACP Chapter meetings, training seminars and conferences,
  • ACP resources to help identify and transfer technologies useful in contingency planning,
  • Quarterly Association newsletter, The ACP Sentinel,
  • Major discounts on annual ACP International Symposiums, and
  • Recognition as a member of a professional, international organization.

What are the membership requirements?

Membership in the Association of Contingency Planners is open to anyone interested in contingency planning. Our members are primarily drawn from business and government organizations. Any number of individuals belonging to an organization is eligible for ACP membership. Members are accorded voting privileges in ACP affairs.

To ensure a high degree of professionalism, members are required to sign the ACP Code of Ethics (as detailed on the Membership Application) and agree to be bound by its provisions.

What is ACP attempting to accomplish?

ACP's Vision is to foster continued professional growth and development in effective contingency and business resumption planning.

Does ACP have a profit motive?

No. ACP is staffed by volunteers, and its 501C(6) tax code status designates it as a non-profit organization.

How does ACP relate to other disaster and emergency organizations?

ACP has formal partnerships with other organizations such as: American Red Cross, Association of State Flood Plain Managers, Central US Earthquake Consortium, Department of Justice, Electric Power Research Institute, Institute for Business and Home Safety, National Conference of State Legislatures, National Emergency Managers Association, and National Institute for Urban Research and Rescue.

ACP also works closely with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on Project Impact, the Department of Energy, the US Geological Survey, and the International City and County Managers Association

How large is ACP, and how long has it been around?

ACP currently has 17 chapters and more than 1000 members worldwide. It was formally organized as a non-profit organization in 1984.

How can I join ACP if there's no local chapter in my area?

You may join as an Unaffiliated General Member if you are located 50 or more miles from an ACP chapter. The ACP currently has more than 80 such members.

If enough interest exists in your area, you may want to start a local chapter. To initiate this process, access the ACP International web site and select Chapter Services.

Washington State Chapter ACP - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

President - Eddy Sherman


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Eddy is a Certified Business Continuity Planner (CBCP) with over 20 years business continuity/disaster recovery experience. He has been asked to speak at local, regional, and international disaster recovery planning conferences, has designed BC/DR plans, used commercial BC/DR software, and utilized commercial hot sites for DR testing in addition to building a DR hot site for local government.

Eddy is Project Management Institute (PMP) Certified, and has successfully worked with department managers to develop and accomplish corporate goals; has worked with users to insure their expectations are managed and met, and with vendors to insure clients receive quality products on time and under budget by utilizing project management skills.

Eddy has managed LANs and WANs with Cisco infrastructure and Microsoft Windows Servers. He is involved in migrating and utilizing cloud services for applications and infrastructure. He is also very involved in cyber security training, hosting and speaking at symposiums and conferences around the state.

Eddy has over 30 years experience in IT corporate management. In that time, he has managed quality control, recruiting, training, telecommunications, network, disaster recovery, business continuity and information services departments for multi-national corporations, and multiple 24 X 7 X 365 data centers. He has excelled as an organized, motivated, outgoing, honest, loyal, and dependable manager with a strong work ethic.

Eddy has many years experience forming and leading user group organizations in Tulsa, Dallas, and Seattle. He has served on the Bates Technical College Computer Education Advisory Board (Tacoma) and was selected as advisor to the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges. He has developed and delivered college level technical training and Project Management training.

Organizations that Eddy is a member of: The Association of City & County Information Services (ACCIS), Washington State Association of Contingency Planners, Project Management Institute, and Disaster Recovery Institute International.

Treasurer - Paul Haugan


Auburn IT Director

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Paul has been in the IT industry for over 35 years starting back in the beginning, watching Apple and Microsoft battle for desktop dominance. His career has spanned the private sector, higher education, non-profit and City and County government giving him a unique perspective on technology and its impact on various market sectors. Paul focused his career on the human element of IT, how the person interacts with technology and how we can make the relationship more productive. His latest initiative is getting our arms wrapped around IoT and the opportunities it presents to us. Paul has presented at technology forums around the country on various IT subjects and is involved in several Statewide and National organizations to promote technology.

Vice President - Blair Alexander


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Blair was most recently the California Market Business Continuity Manager for Comerica Bank. He had responsibility for testing and development of business continuity plans for all business units, and works with counterparts in other major markets for Comerica. He supported BIA and regulatory reporting, prepares risk analyses, and developed large-scale tabletop exercises for executives. He joined ACP in 2010. Prior to his current position, Blair worked extensively in Treasury Management for Comerica and Bank of America. He also worked for the Olympic Games and World Cup Soccer. Blair is a Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP). He has a B.S. degree in geology from the University of California at Davis, and an MBA in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Management in Glendale, AZ. He also completed coursework at the European Business School in Germany. He and his wife have three children.

Director of IT - Roger Ditto, CBCP, AMBCI, CORS


IT Recovery

Liberty Mutual Insurance

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roger Ditto joined the Marine Corps just out of high school and spent the next 4 years on active duty in the Electronic Repair field. After that, he joined the Reserves and spent another 24 years with them, finally retiring as a CWO-3. After his active duty, he started in the corporate world in the computer room and progressed to Developer and then into the Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery / Crisis Management role as a Business Continuity Manager. He has been performing this project leader role since 2005 and really enjoys it, managing DR Exercises across multiple departments and responsible for the recovery of critical Applications and Services for multiple Data Centers. Roger is a team player focused on documentation to reduce questions and redundancy.

Mr. Ditto is an avid outdoor enthusiast. He organizes an annual Trek in the back country for interested backpackers, dubbed the I-Ditto-Rod Trek. Roger also loves hiking, snowshoeing and hunting. He even did a Safari to Namibia in 2010. Pretty much anything to get him outdoors is his 1st love after his wife and family. Oh, and Landscaping. He has his own business designing landscapes for new installations or makeovers.

Membership & Outreach Director - TBD


Programs & Education Director - Stacy Williams

 stacy williams

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stacy Williams is the Business Continuity Manager, at a regional bank where she is responsible for the Business Continuity Program, which includes coordinating all business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management, and safety efforts for the organization. She started her journey to Business Continuity through an unlikely path working on a cruise ship and volunteering as a ship firefighter. When she got back to land, she decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Emergency Management, not entirely sure where it would lead. She spent the years completing her M.A. working in facilities management, where crisis management skills come in handy on a pretty regular basis. She was lucky enough to spend some of her time working with the business continuity manager at the organization and learning about business continuity and disaster recovery from someone with great passion for the program. After her degree was complete, she was certified by the Business Continuity Institute, currently an AMBCI,  and began her career full time. Stacy loves to stay active and believes it is the best way to relieve stress. She enjoys running, hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing. 

Public Relations & Marketing Director - TBD