IT Alerts, Mass Notification, Relevance Engines... About xMatters

What We Do

xMatters makes relevance engines that connect people with what they need to know, at the exact moment they need to know it – so they can act quickly. It’s a simple concept that packs huge benefits. It can save the sanity of an IT team – or save the lives of people affected by disaster. It can breathe new life into a product, or capture a customer’s attention at just the right instant.

Relevance engines work with a company’s existing products and services to deliver what matters most – on time, every time. Our clients use relevance engines to save time, resources, and headaches – and to prevent their staff and customers from being inundated with useless mass notifications. Everyone wins. And that’s what matters to us.

Where We've Been

We were founded in 2000 as AlarmPoint, a company that delivered alert management solutions for IT and Business Continuity Management. We nailed it. Today, as xMatters, we’re still awesome at alert management, and we’re still big fans of the masterminds in IT and business continuity, but we’ve decided to dream a little bigger – to help connect people in different parts of a company, and outside the company, with the information they need to know. Distributing relevant information to people at exactly the right time isn’t just an IT issue – it’s a problem that plagues all departments and job titles. A relevance engine can solve that. It blasts through the clutter of processes, information, and choices – making life easier for staff and customers alike.

What Matters to Us

Getting it right. We help companies deliver relevant information to everyone connected with their business – and block what isn’t. Haphazard mass notifications have no place in business.

Inspiring innovation. With the newfound freedom and resources our relevance engines provide, our clients can design new products and services that improve their customers’ lives. We help solve problems that don’t even exist yet.

Saving lives. Our relevance engines save lives by providing people with what they need to know in times of change and crisis. When everything else is topsy-turvy, customers can count on a relevance engine to keep communication flowing smoothly.